VZ Goliath [Sci-Fi Novel]



“Wake up Sam. Wake up.”

The sound of the waves had made her fall asleep. The sun was glazing up the small waves on the water. She smelled the sea air and a slight stench of fish from the stores nearby.

“You missed all the boats, my girl.”

A smile stretched over the tanned face of her father. His short hair was moving in the wind, and his blue eyes were full of warmth.

Once Sam was out of her old human body, she was freed of the restrictions the government had put onto her memories. Fake memories disappeared, and suppressed ones surfaced. She started to remember her parents again.

They were as it was written in their profiles. He was an alcoholic and she addicted to synthetic drugs, but they both loved their daughter over everything else in this world. The government only knew about the first part and took her when she turned three. They suppressed the memories of her parents, assuming they had harmed and mistreated her, despite them never having done either.

They sat on the bench for a bit longer, watching the last few boats come to the pier before sunset. She started to feel chilly and he put his warm coat around her. He smiled as his wife came in sight. She picked up the sleepy Sam and the three of them went home.