VZ Goliath [Sci-Fi Novel]


The two invaders had accessed the lab just as half of the contracts had been signed. His net worth had increased more than 100-fold over the past hour. The conferences he had were successful and ensured the support of several governments. Even if the two intruders knew what to do or leaked the code at this very moment, governments would cover him and treat it as a security error, not an inside job. Another conference was scheduled in a few minutes, and another bunch of contracts just returned. The backup servers were heating up as the first clients downloaded their copies; raw, non-anonymized data on over 100 million people. It was what every company and government wanted; they only had to sign a deal with the devil.

The two invaders had vanished from the logs after the first soldiers arrived via helicopter. They were sweeping the ship, but he already knew they were gone.

He was back in his small apartment suite and took a shower in the open bathroom. The showerhead covered the entire ceiling, and the steam was sucked up by the vent around it. The shower turned off automatically as he walked from the dark-golden rectangular tiles into the white-golden ones. The air around him circulated and dried him within seconds. The slight lavender smell filled the room with a relaxing atmosphere. The windows shimmered from the lights of the city and reflected his naked body. A drink in his left, his right pressed against the glass. Watching the evermoving city was his medicine.

The activity around the plant had stirred up the media. It took a few moments to find the adequate story strategy and manipulate the photographs; no intruders but a mechanical error, not soldiers but mechanics and medics. It stayed a small story, and he wanted to keep it that way. The fewer eyes on him, the better.

As he walked back to the bathroom to brush his teeth, he contemplated their motivation. They could not be competitors nor governments. He had made deals with all of them, and leaking his code would only incriminate themselves. Were they acting alone with no entity behind them?

The video feed from the drones was blurry, and no face recognition was possible. But even if, he wound not find anything about them. What was their plan? Would they publish the code? Would they try to blackmail him? None of it would stop it, it would only encourage him to speed up the pace. He had connected the dots that those two had to be the ones who published the update for ELIM and were arrested half a year ago. He did not know how they had gotten out of prison, but it’s not like governments were the most competent jailors. The two were catching up, but he was still ahead and could see every single one of their moves. Speeding up the plan was the safest way to ensure its success. Even if they would never get close, he would not dare to let them.

He stretched his body for a while before getting under the warm and soft blanket of his bed. Tomorrow would be an exciting day. He would start investing the trillions he had made today.

He already had a list of companies and clients in mind that he would personally call. Seeing their faces as they would not only get bought out way above their evaluation but also their ideas and products put to use instantly made him smile.

And after all that, he would still stay the richest man on the planet.