VZ Goliath [Sci-Fi Novel]


He slapped the young boy’s face. The boy did not cry or begged him to stop, despite his cheek already being dark red. He knew the procedure and was enduring it. He had disappointed his father and would do it again; he was certain of it. Another slap aired through the room.

The young boy would not follow his father’s footsteps. His father was the worst person he had seen in the entirety of his short life. The world was not enough for him, and he would not stop for any reason, no matter how immoral. The first time the young boy had read through the documents in the basement, he had been naïve, and his father never forgot to gaslight him about it.

His companies were not legally enslaving and exploiting workers from abroad. He must have misread the documents, not understood the wording. Everyone was working consensual and treated well. They had access to doctors, got vaccinated, and had apartments with all necessary utilities. Once their contract would run out, they would return to their country wealthy and educated, ready to help their society.

Unknown to his father, he continued to find documents. The workers in the plants were treated like cattle. They would eventually return to their country, but the only thing they brought back was the loss of several years of life.

The boy always thought his mother had committed suicide because of her long-lasting illness, not because his father had driven her into suicide to gain access over the family assets. He was almost an adult when he found the inheritance documents. He did not know if they were faked, but they detailed his mother giving everything to her dad if she would die. Nothing else was noted, and it seemed rushed and forced, but it had her signature. The testament of his dad detailed that his son would never gain any assets. His son was just a pawn for him. Good enough to take care of the company’s business, but not good enough to own any of it.

Whenever his dad gave him a specific order for the company, he got reminded of those nights. The nights in which the skin on his cheeks started to rip, the nights he had read the documents in the basement. It had destroyed the last hope and the last love he had for his father. But it was his motivation to continue; to forge the plan he had meticulously polished over all those years.

As an adult, he became the businessman his father wanted to see; focused, ruthless, always one step ahead of everyone else. Although it took many years, he was gaining his father’s trust.

One day the topic was mentioned by accident. His father had just recovered from a small operation, and the board wanted to know who would take over the company if he would die or be in the hospital for extended periods. He was sitting next to his father in the meeting, and everybody was expecting him to take over everybody except his father. His father was stumbling to find the right words, so he took the opportunity. He explained that it would be nothing to think about at the moment and dismissed the idea of him taking over the company. He knew that his father had already prepared everything in secret and would not give him any power over the company, but his father did not know that he knew. His little speech gave his father confidence that he had successfully domesticated his son. The evening after the meeting, he made sure to talk to his father, not about his possible death, but the possibility of injury, coma, long-lasting mental disabilities. They would make him unable to run the company for months, if not years, and needed a plan for it.

It was the evening in which his plan finally came to fruition. Pressured by the meeting and still recovering from the operation, they set up the documents detailing that his son would take over if any of those cases would arise. It would only be binding as long as his father was still alive, but that detail did not matter.

It was not hard to find someone who would do the job. About half a year later, through unfortunate accidents, his father was beaten up and paralyzed after a public event at a gala. Unable to speak or move, his son had to take over the company. Over the following years, he hollowed out his father’s imperium. He sold the assets to his own companies, till the once largest conglomerate of the planet had fallen to shambles. He visited his father in the care facility he had been living and told him all about it. It was rewarding to see the anger and hatred in his father’s eyes. After all these years, he was getting his revenge, but the feeling did not last long. He came to peace with what his father had done as he was undoing it. In the end, only pity remained.

His own companies quickly expanded and were soon bigger than his fathers. He took the most important assets and subsidiaries, but he made sure to destroy the systems he despised. He leaked documents about the working contracts and conditions and was lobbying for government policies in the areas needed. At the same time, he was building up alternatives with his companies. It ended up costing more, but the people working for him were treated like human beings, aligned closer to the lie his father once told him.

One day, he showed his father the path he could have taken, making absurd amounts of money while uplifting the people who worked for him, changing the world for the better. He could slowly see the anger in his father’s eyes disappearing and a sadness taking over. He had been blinded by money and greed and had never seen the bigger picture.

The one thing Kaiser had never managed to change were people. Not his father and not the millions destined to become criminals, illegals, and scum of human civilization. Changing the system that had created them would take centuries, and he was on his own. More drastic measured had to be taken to change the world.

An alert went off and Kaiser opened his eyes. He was lying naked in the bedroom next to his office, taking his afternoon nap. He checked the report and the video feed. The off-shore manufacturing plant had uninvited visitors that were now fighting the security drones aboard. He checked the feed and saw two people in tight black military outfits shooting drones. One bullet, one drone. They were professionals. He contacted security and ordered more personal to the plant. Whoever they were, they were after the DELPHI implant code; there was nothing else they could be after.

It meant he had to speed up the next phase of his plan before they could get in his way. If they gained access, it would slow him down immensely. He activated the emergency script he had prepared for such an event. Contracts were sent out, and video conferences were scheduled. If they were professionals, security could only hold them back temporarily. They would reach the lab by the end of the day. They might leak sensitive information right after, which he had to avoid.

He stood up and got dressed. He walked out of the office at a fast pace and followed their progress on the video feed, then called a contact from the military. Kaiser still had many favors to play with. If he could not stop them, he at least had to find out what they were after.