VZ Goliath [Sci-Fi Novel]

[Sci-Fi Novel, 160 pages, 61737 words]

Healthcare, education, brain implants; provided for free by the government until you turn 18 and have to pay it back. In the slums of the outer city, the poor survive to pay their debt another day. In the inner city, behind walls and checkpoints, the rich do not want to see the inherent problems of the system their wealth is based on.

Brain implants have surpassed smartphones and become mandatory to access and be accepted in society. While harboring enormous potential for social change, their vulnerabilities can bring forth the exact opposite.

In the midst of it, two net-runners, providing illegal services to governments and conglomerates have been set-up by their most trusted client. Equipped with modified body implants and a desire to serve more than just themselves, they discover a plan long in the making. Their sudden involvement will change not only future technologies but also the lives of millions.

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