20 More Policy Proposals

Make Profit Margin's Accessible to Consumers - Free Birth Control/Condoms/Feminine Hygiene Products - End the Drug War and legalize Psychedelics - Cheap Government-Produced Generics for drugs after patent expiration - Publicly Disclose everyone's Income - [...]

Adjust Fines and Penalties to Income Level and Net-Worth

Fines exist to disincentivize harmful behavior and minimize overall harm done to our societies. Fines have been around for as long as humans have socialized, but nobody anticipated that a small group of extremely wealthy corporations and individuals could one day stand above the rules of our society and completely discard any fines brought before them.

Establish a Term Limit for Government Positions

Each generation has new ideas and issues approaching them in their future, therefore each generation requires fresh minds that can bring society forwards in way that have not been perceived yet. But for those minds to come forwards and enhance society, they need to be voted into office in the first place.

Citizens’ Choice in Tax Allocation

The easiest way to directly affect change is by voting with our wallet; when we buy something at a store or when we decide not to. It is the most powerful tool each of us has in changing the world in the way we want it to. The only financial aspect in which this choice is still missing is in the allocation of taxes.