Tobias creates things. He values open-mindedness, positivity, and love. Tries to make people grow, gain consciousness and show them a different perspective.

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People that influenced me and helped me grow:
Leo Gura/Actualized.org (Self-Help, Self-Actualization, Life Purpose and Enlightenment)
Joe Rogan/Joe Rogan Experience (Learning from and about many different perspectives and fields)
Steven Bonnell/Destiny (Rhetoric, Argumentation, Politics)
Azeem Azhar’s Exponential View blog (Insight into global issues and developments)

Playlists to check out:
Expanding Counciousness and Improving your life

Book recommendations:
Extreme Ownership
Utopia for Realists
Radical Honesty
The Talent Code + Outliers
Can’t Hurt Me + Living with a SEAL
The Alchemist
The Purple Cow
The 4 Hour Workweek