Your Life Experience shapes your Art, which becomes your Language

As all of us grow and grow old, we accumulate experiences unique to us and our perspective. We take information from our childhood and still use it subconsciously when we are adults to interpret the world around us. Billions of information unique to only us create something not to be found anywhere else in this universe; a person, an identity, a being. And while we share everything in our life with others and while many have experienced the same things we have, each of us is still living a life distinctly different than any other.

Imagine all these experiences drawn on a huge canvas. With each brush stroke the painting becomes more unique in its composition and interpretation, and only one person can truly decipher its meaning and origin. Shapes, objects, created from memories unknown to almost everyone else.

This painting, this collection of experiences becomes a language, an art – if you let it. The more you paint, the more you write, the more you express yourself in any kind of form, the more this language expresses itself and opens up. It is healing in a way; sharing your being with the world.

Don’t let the culture and society that is ever-present around you stop you from exploring your language. Nothing is ever not “good” enough. You are the judge and audience of your own creation, with each one being a stepping stone for the next. Money, fame, success; all the things our society values have no meaning compared to the meaning your art gives you. They are all optional to the joy and happiness you get when expressing your language.

I write these paragraphs because I enjoy expressing myself in this way. My hope is that it can help and inspire someone else, but first and foremost I enjoy the process of creation. In a few years I might have a completely different profession, or I will read these lines and experiences how “outdated” they are to my newer self. Maybe nobody will read any of this except me. But none of it matters, because here, right now, I enjoy it. And there is no other time more important than the present moment.