Is Today’s Life the Life of your Future?

What do you spend most of your time on each day? Work? Hobbies? Friends? Family? Do you enjoy it? Can you imagine yourself spending your time on the same things, the same people in 1 year? 3 years? 10 years?


Then what is it that holds you back? What is it that you are not enjoying? What is it that you would change? And I don’t mean quitting your work to play games and watch movies all day. How would your work need to change to satisfy you? That it makes you wake up excited?

Maybe your work is exciting, but there are a few things that you find horrible about it. Find out what it is. What worries you about it? What would you want to change? If you can find it out and write it down, you can think about how to change it. And once you are already at that point, you can actually make that change.

This applies for everything, work, hobbies, friends, family. Face what irritates you, what worries you.

Maybe a relationship that is toxic; face it. Call it out for what it is. If you know that it is toxic, would you keep up with it for another year? For 3 years? 10 years? Tell the other person in that relationship about it. Does he/she understand? Do you together want to improve your relationship? And if not, are you willing to keep up with the toxicity for the rest of your life?

If you hate your work, what would you like to work instead? How can you change your career and slowly steer your ship in the direction you want it to sail towards? Can you work in field you want? Are there companies that would hire you? Do they want certain experience from you? How can you get that experience? Can you attend evening courses in your free time? Work on a project for that field in your spare time?

How about your family? Are you stuck with them? Live with them? Do you love them, or are you just bearing with them? Are they toxic, abusive, or not supportive of your life? Can you talk to them? Make them understand your perspective? Will they listen? If not, is there a way for you to avoid confrontation? Can you move out? If not, what stops you from moving out? Are you not making enough money to rent an apartment or a room for yourself? Can you find a way to share the rent? Can you live with a friend of yours?

The things that come up in your or my mind don’t have to be as extreme as these examples, they can be way simpler. A friend of mine thinks she is expendable at her work. She is worried about it and works overtime to compensate. It’s not healthy nor sustainable. But is she actually expendable? Maybe her coworker and boss think otherwise? And if she is, how can she change it? How can she make herself irreplaceable at work? She can take a look at the best people in her field. How did they become that good? What can she learn from them?

Often a big life improvement is only 1 google search away.