Citizens’ Choice in Tax Allocation

The easiest way to directly affect change is by voting with our wallet; when we buy something at a store or when we decide not to. It is the most powerful tool each of us has in changing the world in the way we want it to. The only financial aspect in which this choice is still missing is in the allocation of taxes.

Taxpayers should be able to decide to which aspect of government spending a part of their yearly taxes go towards; if 10% of their taxes go to science, the education system, the healthcare system, space exploration, infrastructure development and maintenance, foreign aid projects, social benefits, or other government spending.

At the end of the year the results of how the taxes were used should be transparently visible for everyone to see; everyone should understand their contribution in society.

It would encourage interaction between the different government branches and voters, as the government now actively has to inform and educate voters on why certain investments are important and educate them on current issue and developments – As everyone is now actively contributing, many will be encouraged to improve their government in whichever way they can.

Just as it is important to encourage this for government around the world, the EU can lead the way by implementing such a voting system for its citizens.