20 More Policy Proposals

  1. Make Profit Margin’s Accessible to Consumers for services, products, medicine, etc.
    Reduces corruption and customers getting screwed over
  2. Free Birth Control/Condoms/Feminine Hygiene Products
    Lowers abortion rates, spread of sexual diseases, acceptance and education about feminine sexuality
  3. End the Drug War and legalize Psychedelics, promote Psychedelic Treatment Centers for addictions
    Criminalization gives the black market its power, legalization and government oversight allows intervention and treatment of addiction, many drugs actually helpful and rarely harmful
  4. Cheap Government-Produced Generics for drugs after patent expiration
    Basic medicine should be easily and cheaply available for everyone
  5. Publicly Disclose everyone’s Income
    shows injustice in incomes and shows bad and discriminating practices
  6. Whistle blowers need to receive protection and be rewarded as heroes
    Promotes the transparency about illegal and unethical practices
  7. Transparency on all Government Contracts (Public bidding process)
    Less corporate exploitation and public feedback
  8. Workers need to have a substantial share of the company’s board when the company has hundreds or thousands of employees
    Promotes workers’ rights and decreases exploitation
  9. Shorter limits on Copyrights
    Companies should not be allowed to milk inventions for hundreds of years, copyright should expire as soon as the creator died, if not sooner – Sparks creativity for new ideas
  10. Rethinking How Prisons Should Work
    Rehabilitation, education, and mindfulness
  11. More compassion for Refugees and Immigrants
    Immigration systems are not compassionate nor welcoming
  12. Environmental Regulation and Ecology
    Tax on emissions, massive funding of renewables and energy storage
  13. Mental Health Funding
    Help people figure out their minds – Free Therapy/Life Coaching
  14. A Massive Overhaul on Education
    Success in school should be determined by consciousness, love, development, emotional IQ –
  15. Ban private schools to improve public school
    public school quality needs to be improved radically, if rich people’s children go to public school, they will want to improve it and not isolate themselves in private schools
  16. Change How We Teach in Schools
    Think exploratory, give choice, promote mindfulness — Teach Relationships, Communication Skills, Marriage Skills, Masculinity and Femininity, Parenting Skills, Sex Education, Drug Education, Study Abroad, Life Purpose
  17. Change How National Success Is Measured
    Instead of GDP -> Happiness, Love, Consciousness, Corruption
  18. Massive Funding for Objective Journalism
    Abolish Clickbait and Sensationalistic News
  19. Give Humanitarian Aid to terrorist Countries without exploiting for Profit
    Let the countries develop themselves
  20. Lower Abortion Rates
    Decriminalize Abortion to lower illegal and risky abortions while providing better sex education and easy access to birth control