All Religions are the same and none of them are inherently violent

Whenever the idea comes up that one religion is more violent than the other, or that all religions are bad and should be abolished, it comes to my mind how shortsighted such an idea is.

Ultimately, all religions have the same ideas and information, the same structure; They all contain the golden rule in many forms and condemn the ones who do not follow it. The only difference is in how these rules are presented and make out the context of the religion; the religions’ names and their stories. Each of them slightly different and unique, but all sharing the same structure.

When these religions are now compared on how violent they are, it is completely misguided to think the religion itself is the violent part. The bible contains just as many if not more violent depictions as the Quran, but their believers are not following its violent parts, at least not anymore. In the end, it is all about the people who are practicing their religion. They grow up in different cultures which have a different mindset and different level of development.

And until today, religions remain extremely helpful for most people around the world. Not only do they give them comfort, but also conform them into a society not tolerating savagery. If you think religions are bad, you need to go back before there were any religions. A god punishing you for your sins made you think twice about any malicious act you were about to make, while without a god the only one making up your own morals was yourself. And if you were making up your own morals you could adjust them to whatever you wanted, as there was nobody else to tell you any different. Religions also brought people closer together and made them equal before god. The community they shared was extended beyond the realm of their family or village.

In the broad context, religions made humanity more civilized and peaceful, although it is sometimes hard to imagine this at our current day in age. Does that mean that religions will always be around? To some degree, yes. Violent and outdated parts may be ignored, replaced, or changed into a more symbolic meaning. And most of the teachings will forever be relevant in our society, as that is how they survived so long in the first place.

The real question when approaching the ‘violence of religions’ is how people stopped being violent in the first place. It was not because they were made to abolish their religion, it was because they developed as human beings. And what made them develop? The elevation of their living standard and the experience of new perspectives and ideas.