Meta Learning from Videogames

One source of skills in my life came from an unexpected source: videogames. Managing your in-game resources to maximize your progression:

Saving and investing your money for important items or upgrades, which in return yields you higher results in your long-term strategy. Trying to discover min-maxing strategies: minimal effort for maximum return. And discovering the ‘meta’; how the game is balanced and in return how to use it to your advantage. All while refining the skill the game is based around, be it a shooter, action-adventure, real-time-, or turn based strategy game.

These skills are something you don’t notice developing until you become aware of them in your daily life. The skills you develop in-game are something your brain understands on a meta level and applies them wherever they are useful.
Investing into items and upgrades becomes your investment into books, seminars, courses, memberships, ETFs, Stocks; investments into yourself and your future.

The search for understanding the meta and min-maxing strategies leads you to unique life opportunities. You try to find a niche and the most efficient way to execute tasks towards the goal you’ve set for yourself.

Long-term thinking becomes crucial, because the game is not over after the next turn, but after a series of long turns. This makes you understand that your mistakes are important for your overall progression. Just as in life, mistakes give opportunity to learn and grow, if you let them.

It becomes interesting to approach videogames with this in mind. Suddenly the question arises: How does this help me in my life? What skills does this game develop in me? Which couldn’t be further detached from the everlasting debate that “videogames are a waste of time” which especially older generations keep repeating when they see their children and grandchildren spend hours on the newest games.

There has to be a balance with everything, including videogames, but these meta skills are far too rarely talked about, even among the ones who consider themselves hardcore gamers. And the obvious choice for which game to play is not one, but many. Each of them has a different meta and different progression and learning curve. Getting in touch with all of them makes you more adaptable inside and beyond each virtual world.