The Vaccine; the Holy Grail

The Vaccine as the Holy Grail; for politicians all across the world, who, despite the publicly available information and strategies on how to deal with a pandemic, decided to implements only a few policies and experiment with others.

They prioritized a stable economy over containing the pandemic; GDP over low infection rates. They were reactive and not proactive; they waited till the cases shot up before implementing measures.

At the same time, the focus on a healthy and growing economy blinds them to see the structural issues the crisis highlighted: horrible working conditions in the healthcare sector and slave-like work contracts all over the countries.

Germany has given up on containing COVID-19 long ago and only waits for vaccination to start. Billions of Euros were used for damage control, but barely any for prevention. Actually, the exact opposite has happened, making it look even more like politicians do not care about the wellbeing of their fellow citizens:

  • Countrywide testing was scaled down and criteria heightened. You can only get a test if you were in contact with someone who was tested positive AND you develop symptoms; completely ignoring a-symptomatic cases and the days before the symptoms and a positive result (this is how entire elderly homes get infected).
  • Schools are known as infection clusters but remain open at all costs. No alternative methods were implemented to lower class sizes or allow students to learn from home. If school were closed, many parents would need to stay home and could not contribute to the economy.
  • Health departments are in quarantine and can’t trace cases, and because Germany is still in the middle ages, they can’t work from home either.

While politicians wiggle around for damage control, it becomes obvious that they are not interested in fixing structural problems, but remaining the status quo.

Everything is under control – Go back to work!

It will be exciting to see the backlash and future improvements of our politial system, but for now it just infuriating.