The Human Life Cycle

We are interconnected with nature, earth, and the universe; everything we consume influences us. The food we eat becomes us. Ideas and experiences shape our minds and personality. The habits and things we do daily develop our skills and understanding of the world. Our “self” is fluid, never static. Our minds and bodies change every day in subtle forms until we become entirely different individuals in just a few months or years.

And one day, our self disintegrates and becomes a part of the whole again. Our bodies become fertilizer for the earth’s soil, turn into small microbes and plants, which grow, die, and become something else entirely. Only to be eaten someday by an animal and then by future generations of our species.

The idea of our selves being fluid and connected with this world changes the relationship we see ourselves in. We are not only responsible for the well being of ourselves, but of everything around us. We shape everything we come in contact with, just as it shapes us; our family, friends, society, nature.

It is no longer enough to care for our own needs, but everything else on the planet as well. Everything wants to thrive and experience the world just as we do, making it our responsibility to positively impact and balance systems we influence and create. That means changing our mindset, diet, consumption, friends, and having to change our lives.

The only trap on our way forwards is ironically ourselves. Our ego is telling us that we can’t change anything, that the struggle is not worth it, our work not meaningful, others not important. Ideologies blur our vision and persuade us on a path to fame, money, comfort, and obedience. Away from the goals we once set ourselves.

Staying on the path will demand everything from us, ultimately our life. If that is worth it, is for everyone to decide on their own. But in the end, the question remains; Why shouldn’t it?