Open Perspectives

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Realizations of the US Protests
Page 3: Corona Policies
Page 4: Fake News
Page 5: The Culture War

The Culture War

At the end of this first iteration I want to bring awareness to the strongest growing phenomenon and cultural divide that we have on the internet. The ongoing tribal culture war in which everyone gets labeled and put into boxes.

Left vs Right, Rich vs Poor, Racist vs Politically Correct, Capitalist vs Communist, SJW vs Anti-SJW, Feminist vs Sexist. The list goes on and on and probably will never end, unless we somehow run out of dualities. On the internet, such labels can decide between friend or foe.

If you are not supporting my call for feminism, you must be a sexist. If you are not sharing my conservative views, you must be a liberal. If you are not as liberal as I am, you must be conservative, alt-right, a fascist.

Online, people love to divide themselves based on their virtual tribes. And it makes it a lot easier, being in your own echo chamber and only hearing the same ideology, repeated over and over. It is comfortable and makes you feel right, never being confronted with opinions other than your own and blocking and calling out everyone that is not standing 100% behind your ideas.

This is basically exactly the issue I want to highlight with this series. If we rally ideologically behind one single idea and blindly ignore everyone that gives us warning signs and tries to highlight flaws in our view, we are doomed to run against a wall at some point down the road.

We are living with other people in this global society, we are not living against them. Only because our views differ on certain ideas does not mean that we should wish the worst onto the other. We can try to understand the other and make the other understand us. If we open up to the possibility that our perspective is only correct in our own personal reality and not in anyone else’s, we can understand that there are more truths that just the one we construct for ourselves. And because of this simple reason, that there are more perspectives than our own, we have to grow beyond our limiting beliefs of how the world works. Seek out perspectives from all over the spectrum to understand that in the end we all want the same. We all want to be loved and accepted, one way or another.

All the enemies we construct are nothing more than beliefs that hold us back to find friends within them. We have to bridge over different perspectives and understand the truth in both of them. Even if that means different levels of consciousness will be clashing at each other. Only through seeking out the others and communicating with them on an even field, both can learn and grow from another. Understand their perspective and try to find the common ground that connects us and takes us forward.

That does not mean that it is easy. It can be really fucking hard sometimes, because our society is not built to work that way. Different political parties, different ideologies, separations throughout history. But to find a common ground for all, all have to be heard, understood and loved. And if this rubs you the wrong way, then you have some introspection to do and find out why.