Open Perspectives

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Realizations of the US Protests
Page 3: Corona Policies
Page 4: Fake News
Page 5: The Culture War

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Every single one of us has a very different and unique perspective to the world and while we all get our information from mostly the same sources, we all perceive and interpret them differently because of our diverging perspectives and mindsets. The way we grew up, the culture and people that shaped us.

And that makes it so important to go beyond our own perspective. Explore different ones to understand the flaws in our own perspective and in others. To learn about the issues other people are facing and have resolved in the past. To understand the people behind opinions and ideologies. Where those opinions and ideologies are coming from and why people are holding onto them. Out of tradition, out of fear of losing someone, or a part of themselves.

If we can understand their perspective while encompassing and having access to a range of other perspectives at the same time, we can find solutions, bring consensus and resolution to issues that we are conflicted about.

But this means, leaving our own ideologies behind and being willing to listen to all sides, no matter how absurd they might sound. Far left, far right and everything in between. They all have some inherent truth in them, that we can find and learn from. Even if it only is the meta knowledge of why those people believe in their conflicting ideas in the first place.

And this shall be the idea behind this series. Developing and having an open perspective towards topics and people. Exploring multiple sides of the issue without making judgement or condemning others, while learning and taking the best ideas from both sides in the process.

This does not mean that I have the best perspective or brilliant ideas for the topics I will be talking about, but that I am trying to share the mindset that I would want to see more of in this world. And just as everyone else, I am not perfect and not all knowing, but only through the process of exchanging our ideas and learning from each other, we can get a greater understanding and bring progress to our culture and society.